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Teacher Certification Defense

California teachers need to be licensed before they can be in a classroom. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing reviews applications and approves licenses for teachers.

The commission prescribes licensing standards that a teacher must meet before they can receive their license. Teachers can receive licenses in one subject or one for multiple subjects. Teachers coming to California from out of state must apply for the license before they are allowed to teach in the state. There are numerous requirements that teachers must meet for their license.

Denial of Teacher Certification

You spent considerable time and money educating yourself to be a teacher and now you’ve reached the finish line: to get your certification with the CTC. However, a criminal conviction from your past is blocking your way to getting your certification. Your application has either been rejected, or you’re certain it will be. Don’t waste another moment on worry—let Unlock Legal assist you with your application. We know how to successfully appeal your application denial or help prepare your application to be accepted with the CTC.

Disciplinary Actions Against California Teachers

The same regulator that can grant a license can also take one away if there is a reason for disciplinary action. Parents can report suspected educator misconduct to the commission, which will then perform an investigation. The commission may also receive information from law enforcement or the school itself that can call into question the teacher’s fitness to be around children. Anyone with personal knowledge of the suspected misconduct may sign an affidavit.

Reasons that the commission may take disciplinary action against teachers include:

  • Criminal convictions that indicate the teacher is a danger to children
  • Reports of sexual misconduct by a teacher
  • Reports of physical abuse committed by teachers
  • Immoral and unprofessional conduct
  • Any evidence that shows an unfitness for service

Types of Disciplinary Actions Against Teachers

The commission can take the following disciplinary actions against teachers:

  • A private admonition for their conduct, which serves as a written warning
  • A public notice and warning that the behavior at issue is not appropriate for a teacher and future similar conduct can lead to the loss of a license
  • A temporary suspension of the teaching credentials
  • Permanent revocation of teaching credentials
  • Denial of the application for a license

The commission is required to revoke licenses if the teacher has been convicted of certain crimes, including sex offenses or certain drug offenses that have been listed by California law. The commission can also revoke a license if there has been a legal finding of insanity by a court. There is no room for negotiation if any of these apply.

You Need to Take an Investigation Seriously

If you are a teacher, and you have been notified that you are being investigated by the commission, your livelihood is on the line. You should not face this investigation alone. You should contact an experienced attorney who can help interface with the commission on your behalf and defend you from allegations. The involvement of a lawyer can help you tell your side of the story and correct any false information that has been reported about you. Your attorney can also help prevent charges from being filed in the first place, and they may negotiate for a lesser penalty if you choose not to fight the charges.

CTC Defense Against Discipline

You are a certified teacher facing a disciplinary action by an investigating agency or the CTC. This is a serious threat to everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If you are being investigated or there are allegations against you, don’t delay in contacting us for assistance. We have the expertise to successfully negotiate settlements, and can represent you at your hearing to get the best possible result.

Reinstatement of California Teacher Certification

At some point in your past you surrendered your California teacher certification or had it revoked. The required waiting period of one year has passed, and you are ready to submit a Petition for Reinstatement of Certification. This can be a daunting process, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We can help you prepare and submit your petition with expert precision to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Don’t delay the possibility of having your certification, and your livelihood as a teacher restored.

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