Petition for Reinstatement of License

Unlock Your Career by Reinstating Your License.

If you have surrendered your license, or it has been revoked, you are not locked out of the career of your choice. A Petition for Reinstatement can be filed with your licensing body where you prove that you have been rehabilitated and request that you be given back your license. Done right, these petitions are not easy to put together, but they can unlock your career.

The attorneys at Unlock Legal will review your past Accusation that led to your surrender or revocation. They will assist and guide you in collecting the many documents necessary to show that you are rehabilitated, and they will complete the petition requesting that your license be reinstated. If necessary, they will review your RAP sheet and take actions to clean up your record.

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Petition for Reinstatement of Professional License

Petitions for reinstatement generally include a hearing before your licensing board. The board members, or an Administrative Law Judge, want to see the petitioner and speak to them before they give them back their license. The attorneys at Unlock Legal will prepare you for the hearing and be by your side during the hearing. Hiring Unlock Legal for your Petitions for reinstatement is your best chance at unlocking your career and livelihood, and getting you back to the career of your choice.