Professional License Defense

Unlock Legal provides focused representation for California Licensed Professionals.


Application Appeal

Individuals retain us when they have concerns around their Licensing Board Application.  Typically, the individual is ready to submit an application to their licensing board but is concerned that their application will be rejected due to past criminal convictions. Or, the individual’s application has already been rejected by the licensing board of their choice and they want to appeal that denial.

In the first instance, our representation consists of cleaning up our client’s past by petitioning for an expungement of the criminal conviction and assisting in the drafting of the application for best results.  In the second instance, our representation consists of reviewing the Letter of Denial or Statement of Issues and educating the client as to the issue and the process that lies ahead of him or her.  We then assist in the appeal of the denied application.


Discipline Defense

Licensed Professionals retain us when their license and livelihood are at risk.  Generally, the Licensee (1) is being investigated, (2) an Accusation has been filed by their licensing board, or (3) they have been convicted of a crime.

In these cases, our representation consists of communicating with the investigator and/or reviewing the Accusation, as well as educating our client as to the allegations against them, and the process ahead of them.  We then provide skilled and experienced representation as we negotiate with the Board to obtain the best possible settlement, or take the matter to hearing.


Petition for Reinstatement

Individuals who have lost or surrendered their professional license for many and varied reasons retain us when they are seeking to reinstate their professional license. California’s Business and Professions Code allows one to petition one’s Board for reinstatement of a revoked or surrendered license after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

In these cases, our representation consists of petitioning the Board for reinstatement of the individual’s license.  A petition is often paired with an in person hearing in front of the Board.


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