Probation Violation or Reduction of Penalties

Manage Your License Probation: Allegations, Modification and Early Termination.

Your licensing body granted you probation with all the accompanying terms and conditions. You think you’ve been complying, but one day your probation officer or monitor notifies you that a petition to revoke your probation has been filed. This means that the probation monitor has notified your licensing body of alleged violations, and they are seeking to revoke your probation which eventually will mean a revocation of your license. These allegations do not have to lock you out of the career of your choice.

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The attorneys at Unlock Legal defend against alleged probation violations by understanding the allegations, gathering evidence to explain your side of the story and refute the allegations, and assisting you in providing statements or declarations that will help and not hurt the situation. If there is a hearing on the matter we will represent you there as well. Our mutual aim is to get you back on track to complete your probation and get your license back unencumbered.

Modify Your Probation Terms and Conditions and/or Seek Early Termination

California law allows you to petition your licensing body to modify the terms and conditions of your probation one year into your probationary period, and petition for early termination after two years. This time frame is dependent on certain conditions and may not apply to every licensee.

The attorneys at Unlock Legal have been successful in removing substance abuse terms from their clients probation terms and conditions after showing a full year of successful rehabilitation including clean drug tests and attendance at group sessions. Early termination of probation is also possible with a solid showing of rehabilitation and a completion of all requirements such as payment of fines, etc.

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