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Lawpreneur Radio is a popular podcast and blog hosted and founded by Miranda McCroskey. With over 200 interviews of successful entrepreneurial attorneys, authors, coaches, branding and marketing experts, among many others, Lawpreneur Radio educates and entertains as we explore a new practice built in a new way.

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Miranda McCroskey is a 20+ year defense attorney who founded Unlock Legal to help ‘accidental criminals’ unlock their professional license from the collateral consequence of one bad choice.

As a business owner, she discovered that the saying “keep it small and keep it all” might also lead to “the new poverty of self-sufficiency.” In other words, as animals of exchange and specialization, we humans only thrive in groups as our ability, capacity, and efficiency is multiplied by a large number of others.

Miranda realized that if she didn’t leverage her time by hiring expert help—and expand her circles of influence to find valued help—she would always stay small.