Miranda McCroskey

Attorney & Founder of Unlock Legal

Many skilled professionals don’t realize that one criminal conviction not only has painful short-term consequences, but also may cost them their licenses and livelihood! Attorney Miranda McCroskey represents doctors, nurses, contractors, and real estate agents in front of their boards handling the collateral consequence of one bad choice.

As a defense attorney with 20+ years of experience, Miranda recognized that not enough attention was given to these “accidental criminals.” In fact, the jeopardy of losing a license was hardly even considered by typical criminal law firms.

Now, as the founder, owner and lead attorney at Unlock Legal, Miranda dedicates her practice to defending Californians whose professional licenses are at risk. She has represented nurses, physician assistants, engineers, accountants, insurance, podiatrists, teachers, caregivers, real estate professionals, and more. She stands in front of their boards, and handles the collateral consequence of one bad choice.