Do Not Respond to a Board Investigator on Your Own.

When you receive correspondence from an investigator from your licensing body it very often comes as a complete surprise. Most often our clients have no idea what the complaint that led to the investigation is about or who made the complaint. The correspondence from the investigator can come via a phone call, email, or in the mail. The investigator is usually requesting that you sign disclosures, or permissions, for them to review your employment records, and also provide a statement or a declaration.

In addition, the Investigator wants to question you about the alleged incident.

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The attorneys at Unlock Legal will make a written request for a copy of the complaint against you so that you know what you are up against. We will spend time with you to understand your side of the story, and both prepare your written statement (if any) and prepare you for your interview with the investigator. At the interview with the investigator we bring clarity to the investigator so the case stops here and does not lead to a formal complaint called an Accusation. Done right, this matter will end at the investigation stage and your career will continue unhindered.

An investigation is not a disciplinary action on its own. Generally, you can still work during investigations. We recommend that you not provide a statement or declaration, or attend an investigation interview without seeking advice from an experienced attorney.