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If you receive notification that you are under investigation by your licensing body, contact Unlock Legal right away.

Many of our clients receive notification that they are being investigated and have no idea what instigated the investigation. We will support you through this process by finding out what the subject of the investigation is, discussing the facts with you, and representing you during the investigation.

It is important that you cooperate in an investigation because if you do not and an Accusation is filed against you an additional charge may be added due to your failure to cooperate. An investigation interview, when done right, can avoid the filing of an Accusation against you

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“I highly recommend using Miranda’s legal services for any type of situation. Miranda is very professional but at the same time demonstrates compassion and understanding. If you find yourself in need of legal advice look no further because Miranda will take care of you as if you are her only client. I’m speaking from someone who has been there and used her services.”

- Happy RN

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