At Unlock Legal – Professional License Defenders we provide focused representation to people who want to be licensed Insurance Professionals in the State of California or licensees who have issues with their license. If your application was rejected, or you are under investigation, have a pending criminal matter, a criminal conviction, or your Insurance license is in jeopardy for any other reason, call Unlock Legal. Unlock Legal provides focused representation to licensed professionals. We unlock your license.

Application Denial Appeal

You dreamed of becoming an Insurance Professional, you spent considerable time and money educating yourself, and now you have come to the finish line – becoming licensed by the California Department of Insurance (“DOI”). However, a criminal conviction from your past is blocking your way. Your application is rejected. You are devastated and terrified that all of your investment in your career was a waste. If this is you, call Unlock Legal. We have successfully appealed application denials with the DOI, and are ready to help you.

Discipline Defense

You worked diligently to become a licensed Insurance Professionals, and you are proud of your livelihood and your professional reputation. Then something happens and you are facing disciplinary action by an investigating agency or the DOI. This is a serious threat to all you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. If this is you, and you are being investigated or there are allegations against you, you need to deal with these threats quickly. Call Unlock Legal. We have successfully negotiated settlements or gone to hearing with Insurance Professionals in order to get the best possible result.


At some point in your past you lost your license due to surrender, revocation or surrender. You have moved through the waiting period (one to three years), and now you are ready to submit a petition for reinstatement. You are not barred from your future. You can petition for license reinstatement. If this is you, call Unlock Legal. We have successfully petitioned the DOI for reinstatement of insurance licenses in California, and are ready to assist you.

If you need assistance it is time to call the attorneys at Unlock Legal and get the focused representation you need. At Unlock Legal, we unlock your license. (833) UNLOCKED | (877) 713-7199.

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