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DUI Defense for Licensed Professionals

A DUI arrest is a nightmare.

If you are here right now, you might be in a state of panic. Don’t worry. We can help.

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If you are a licensed professional and you had a recent DUI arrest, you have two missions:

With any criminal conviction, your licensing board could suspend or revoke your occupational or professional license eliminating your ability to work in your field. We recognize that professional licensees with DUIs and other convictions need a special kind of legal expertise.

Unlock Legal can work for you in three ways:

The team at Unlock Legal combines more than 25 years of experience in criminal defense with expertise in defending licensed professionals before dozens of California licensing boards to help keep you from facing criminal convictions, jail time and fines in criminal court and discipline of your license in front of your licensing board.

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When Should I Contact Unlock Legal After a DUI Arrest?

Whether you got a DUI six days or six years ago, the arrest or conviction is likely to cause long-lasting legal and/or licensing problems for you. It's for that reason we recommend you contact Unlock Legal as soon as possible so we can navigate you through the criminal court and licensing board process without having to worry about pressing deadlines.

Here’s what we'll do:

Criminal Defense: In California, a DUI charge can mean a criminal conviction, thousands of dollars in fines, loss of your driver’s license, and possible jail time. Unlock Legal will represent you in court to help fight those charges and related consequences.

Professional License Defense: After an arrest, the filing of charges, or a conviction Unlock Legal will timely disclose to your your licensing board. Your professional licensing board is likely to file an Accusation with allegations of professional misconduct related to the DUI conviction. This could lead to discipline on your professional license that can threaten your career. Unlock Legal will review the Accusation with you and help you craft a defense. We’ll negotiate with your licensing board, and if necessary, represent you in a hearing before your board.

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What If My DUI Conviction Is Years Old and I’m Applying For a Licencse?

An old DUI conviction can come back to haunt you if you’re applying for a new professional license. Most licensing boards conduct background checks on applicants and can deny your application because of a past conviction.

Unlock Legal will work to expunge the DUI conviction from your criminal record and complete an application that gives you the best chance of obtaining a professional license. If your application is denied, Unlock Legal will help you appeal the denial by crafting a statement that avoids over- or under-sharing information, submitting your paperwork before licensing board deadlines, negotiating a settlement with the board, and represent you at a hearing.

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Unlock Legal Team

Unlock Legal was founded to provide "accidental criminals" with the peace of mind that they will be able to continue working in their jobs.

When licensed professionals are fighting a criminal conviction, criminal defense attorneys don't often consider that their client's license could be at risk.

That's where we come in - to defend your professional license and ensure that you'll be able to continue to work. The attorneys have decades of experience in criminal law and have helped dozens of licensed professionals earn their right to work.

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