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Disclose your convictions properly with our help

As a licensed professional, you must always disclose your criminal convictions to your Board. Doing so, however, can be intimidating. At Unlock Legal, we can assist you with every aspect of disclosures to make sure they are done properly.

Disclosure during a license application

When you are applying to your licensing Board, Department, or Agency you will be required to disclose any prior convictions. It is important that you are accurate in what you report and provide the necessary information. If you fail to reveal a prior conviction, and your application is denied, it is possible that the failure to disclose will be considered an additional cause for denial. We can ensure your application disclosure of convictions is done accurately.

Disclosure during a license renewal

Proper disclosure also may be required at the time of renewal of your license. For some Boards, it is only when renewing your license that you are required to report any convictions. This reporting must be done correctly to avoid any additional harm, such as having an Accusation be filed against you. We are experts in disclosure of convictions, and can assist you with communicating to the Board any criminal matters that occurred during the three year period between renewals.

Disclosures after arrest, filing, and post-conviction

Boards, Departments, and Agencies have different requirements for when you must disclose a criminal conviction. Some licensing bodies require that a criminal matter be disclosed at the time of arrest, and others demand it at the time of the filing of the criminal information or indictment  (for felonies). Generally, a criminal conviction must be disclosed within 30 days.  In any event, we can communicate the necessary information to the licensing body for you.

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