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Denial of Application

If your licensing board application has been rejected—or you’re concerned that it will be—we can help.

Maybe you submitted your application to a licensing board, only to have it be rejected because of past criminal convictions. Or perhaps you’re ready to submit your occupational license application to the licensing board, but you’re worried that it will be rejected because of your criminal record. Whatever the case may be, Unlock Legal is here to help you get your application approved.

We can help you secure or apply for your professional license

When you choose our representation for an application denial, the first step we take is to review the Letter of Denial or Statement of Issues you received. Together, we’ll then explore the main issues you’re facing to make sure you understand the process of appeal that lies ahead for you. When you’re ready to proceed, Unlock Legal will assist you in appealing your denied application.

For help with a potential application refusal, Unlock Legal will take a two-pronged approach. We will work to clean up your record by petitioning for an expungement of criminal convictions. We will also assist you in drafting your license application according to best practices to achieve optimal results.

Professionals We Have Helped

“Just got a call from Atty Melissa about the great news. I can’t thank you enough ( your staff) for your help. Again, million thanks to you and Atty Melissa. Stay safe and healthy, so you can help more people like me. Have a great day.”

-Tess D.

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