Denial of Applications/Statement of Issues

If your application to your licensing body is denied you will get notified via mail. A formal denial of your application is called a Statement of Issues. The Statement of Issues packet contains the Statement of Issues itself setting out the reasons for the denial of your application, a Notice of Defense, and a Statement to the Respondent.

The Notice of Defense must be returned to the licensing body within 60 days of service of the Statement of Issues, so it is imperative that you contact Unlock Legal as soon as you receive your packet.

The attorneys at Unlock Legal are skilled in putting together mitigation and rehabilitation evidence to present to the licensing body in order to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. In addition, we will assist you by reviewing your RAP sheet (if any) and will file petitions with the criminal court to clean up your record so you can move forward with the career of your choice.

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Defend Your Application at Hearing

If a settlement is not reached and your case goes to hearing the attorneys at Unlock Legal will represent you and your interests in front of the Administrative Law Judge to get you the best possible result.

Let Unlock Legal assist you in unlocking your career and livelihood by unlocking your application.