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Defense of License

Protect your income, career, and license.

If you are being investigated for an infraction, have had an accusation filed against you by your licensing board, or have been convicted of a crime, Unlock Legal can help. We can communicate with the investigator in charge of your case for you. We will also review any accusations against you, and educate you about the allegations you are facing as well as the process that is ahead of you. Finally, we will provide you with skilled and experienced representation as we negotiate with the Board to obtain the best possible settlement for you, or to take the matter to hearing.

Professionals We Have Helped

“I’ve used unlock legal for a silly thing I did and it came with severe charges for me. I hired attorney McCloskey and she was phenomenal! I did not receive the severe penalties that I caused for myself. Attorney McCloskey was very thorough knowledgeable and understood my case. She is very easy to speak with, not intimidating and financially understanding. She did defend me for my silly actions and got me lesser charges which I was very grateful. Should I ever need Attorney Services in the future attorney McCloskey is definitely the person that I would go to for legal defense.”

-Marc. B.

Let Unlock Legal defend your license and protect your livelihood.