Defense of Accusations

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The Accusation is the legal document that initiates the formal disciplinary proceedings against you. An Accusation may be filed against you in response to a criminal conviction, or in response to a complaint that your licensing body receives against you.

An Accusation packet contains an Accusation, a Notice of Defense, and a Statement to the Respondent.

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Beware! Respond to the Accusation in 15 Days!

You have 15 days from the day the Agency mails the Accusation packet to return the Notice of Defense. Because you are on an extremely tight timeframe, and the consequences of missing the deadline are the possible loss of your license and your livelihood, we highly recommend you call Unlock Legal immediately upon receipt of your Accusation. Failure to return a Notice of Defense may result in a default judgment against you, which likely leads to the revocation or denial of your license.

Is Your Accusation From a Criminal Conviction?

At Unlock Legal dealing with Accusations that stem from criminal complaints are our sweet spot since our attorneys have years of criminal defense experience. We find that good people make one bad choice, and the collateral consequences of this choice follow them in every area of their life. This unique aspect of our firm provides added value to our clients because we are familiar with the criminal courts and the path they have been on before they get to us. We can interpret their RAP sheet, assist them in cleaning up their prior criminal record, and disclose any convictions properly.

Should your Accusation stem from allegations of other “bad acts” that do not rise to the level of a criminal complaint, we will zealously represent you and offer the strongest defense possible to unlock your career and your livelihood.

Will My Case go to Hearing?

If a settlement is not reached and your case goes to hearing the attorneys at Unlock Legal will represent you and your interests in front of the Administrative Law Judge to get you the best possible result.

Let Unlock Legal assist you in unlocking your career and livelihood by unlocking your application.