Criminal Defense

For the last 20 years attorney Miranda McCroskey has practiced criminal defense.  Ms. McCroskey has defended individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies in every Orange County court, and, at one time or another in the courts in all the surrounding counties.


If you are a California licensed professional with a criminal charge, Ms. McCroskey will bring her many years of criminal defense paired with her unique knowledge in regard to professional license defense to your case.


Hiring an attorney who is well versed in both areas is extremely beneficial for you.  Ms. McCroskey can eloquently express the potential unforeseen consequences of a pending conviction on your career to the prosecution District or City Attorney.  She is educated on the consequences of your plea on your license and can use that to your favor in negotiations.  She will bring her intimate knowledge of your criminal case into your future negotiations with your licensing board.


If you have a pending criminal charge, or even if you have been convicted, call Miranda McCroskey at Unlock Legal.


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