Overcoming Licensing Hurdles in the Insurance Industry


A prospective insurance professional found themselves at a critical juncture when their license application to the Department of Insurance was stalled. The roadblock? A pending criminal matter that cast a shadow over their application. Understanding the gravity of the situation and its potential impact on their career aspirations, the client turned to our firm for assistance.


The primary challenge in this case was the pending criminal matter that directly influenced the Department’s hesitancy in processing the license application. The client’s future in the insurance industry hung in the balance, contingent on the resolution of this issue. Moreover, the situation required not just legal expertise in criminal matters but also a nuanced understanding of how such issues affect professional licensing, particularly in the insurance sector.

Our Approach

Our strategy was twofold: firstly, addressing the criminal matter head-on, and secondly, engaging with the Department of Insurance to advocate for our client’s application.

We successfully facilitated a diversion program for our client, resulting in no criminal conviction. This outcome was crucial as it significantly altered the landscape of the licensing application.

However, we understood that resolving the criminal matter was only part of the challenge. We needed to reassure the Department of Insurance of our client’s suitability for a professional license. To this end, we provided comprehensive mitigation evidence, highlighting not only the resolution of the criminal issue but also demonstrating the steps our client had taken to ensure they would not find themselves in a similar situation in the future.

Through persistent and thorough communication with the Department, we presented a robust case for our client’s application. Our efforts included lengthy discussions and extensive correspondence, all aimed at illustrating our client’s fitness for a career in the insurance industry.


After navigating through these complex challenges, our efforts bore fruit. The Department of Insurance granted the application, allowing our client to embark on their desired career path. This success was not just a professional milestone for our client but also a testament to the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to license defense and advocacy.


This case underscores our firm’s capability to handle intricate issues that intertwine criminal and administrative law, particularly in the context of professional licensing. Our client’s journey from facing a stalled application due to a criminal matter to successfully obtaining their license exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored and effective legal solutions. We take pride in enabling our clients to overcome legal hurdles and achieve their professional goals, as demonstrated in this case.

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