Defending a Teacher’s Credential Against Misconduct Allegations


A teacher’s career and reputation were at risk when he faced allegations of inappropriate relations with a student. These charges, of a very serious nature, brought him to the brink of losing his teaching credential. He approached our office for legal support, firmly maintaining his innocence and explaining that the situation was a gross misunderstanding.


The primary challenge in this case was the severity and sensitivity of the allegations. Inappropriate relations with a student are among the most serious charges a teacher can face, often leading to irreversible damage to their career and reputation. Additionally, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing had initiated proceedings to revoke his credential, placing his professional future in jeopardy. Our task was to navigate this high-stakes situation with utmost care, ensuring our client’s side of the story was heard and understood.

Our Approach

Our strategy was centered on thorough preparation for the Formal Review hearing. We delved deeply into the details of the case, gathering evidence and information that supported our client’s account of events. It was crucial to present a clear and coherent narrative that not only addressed the allegations but also highlighted the absence of any misconduct.

In representing our client before the Commission, we focused on demonstrating the misunderstanding and emphasizing our client’s professional conduct and integrity. We argued that the allegations did not reflect our client’s character or his history as an educator.

Throughout the process, we maintained a strong line of communication with our client, ensuring he was prepared for each step of the hearing and felt supported in what was undoubtedly a distressing time.


The Formal Review hearing concluded with a decision in favor of our client. The Commission, after considering our defense, allowed him to retain his teaching credential. This outcome not only preserved our client’s career but also affirmed his professional integrity. Since the hearing, he has continued his work in education without any additional allegations of misconduct.


This case exemplifies the critical role of skilled legal defense in addressing allegations that can potentially end a professional’s career. Our firm’s ability to provide a nuanced and effective defense was instrumental in this positive outcome. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in ensuring that an innocent educator could continue his valuable work in the field of education.

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