Will My Record Impact My Professional License Application?

Will My Record Impact My Professional License Application?

Will My Record Impact My Professional License Application?

After years of preparation, you are ready to finally start your professional career. However, it’s important to note that mistakes made in your past can threaten your future. No matter your designated industry, these criminal convictions can leave lasting impacts. Here’s how your criminal history record can impact your professional license application.

Causes of Professional License Denial

The chances of your professional license being denied due to your conviction record are dependent on your licensing board. If your mistakes relate to job duties you may be required to perform in your professional career, you may receive a statement of issues from your board. Here are some of the convictions that impact prominent licenses in California.


  • Any felony conviction
  • Crimes relating to dishonesty or fraud


  • Any felony conviction
  • Crimes related to gross immorality or negligence


  • Any felony conviction
  • Crimes involving gross immorality


  • Conviction of a felony
  • Conviction of a misdemeanor involving negligence

Real Estate

  • conviction of a felony
  • Crimes related to dishonesty and unlicensed real estate activities

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Appealing Your Professional License Denial

Once you receive your denial, you must submit a written appeal to your licensing board within 60 days. This is where a professional license defense attorney can help. In order to be approved by the board, you may need to clean up your conviction record too. Your license defense attorney can work to seal your record or expunge your convictions prior to appealing your denial. Once this process is completed, you and your attorney will have the opportunity to come to an agreement with the board or schedule a formal meeting called an administrative hearing to appeal your case.

Work with a License Defense Attorney

We understand how disheartening it can be to have your license application denied. Although it may feel like the end of your career, our team can still help you unlock your license and professional future.

At Unlock Legal, our appeal lawyers have years of experience facing California licensing boards to appeal your license denial. No matter how long the process takes, we will work with you from beginning to end to get the best outcome possible and help you start your dream career. 

Unlock Legal provides focused representation in criminal defense and defense for California licensed professionals. Contact Unlock Legal today or give us a call at 949-988-4444 to speak with a professional about your case and your unique needs. You’ll find we are compassionate, easy to talk to, and willing to help in any capacity we can.

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