Will My Prior Dui Keep Me from Getting a Real Estate License?

Real Estate License Lawyer

You have completed all the requirements necessary to obtain a real estate license in California and invested a large amount of time and money in preparing for exams. But as the Department of Real Estate conducts its background check, there’s just one thing that’s causing you anxiety — a past DUI conviction. Do you really need to worry?   Don’t worry; our real estate license defense attorneys can help you out.

California’s Department of Real Estate requires that applicants be “honest and truthful” when applying for a real estate salesperson license, so you don’t want to withhold information about a past criminal conviction. The Department of Real Estate doesn’t include DUI on its list of common convictions that lead to rejections. The most common crimes include:

  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Perjury
  • Possession of drugs

Even if you’re completely honest on your application, there’s still a chance your real estate license application could be rejected.

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Can I Appeal a Real Estate License Rejection?

If the Department of Real Estate denied your application, you still can appeal the rejection. Unlock Legal, a professional license defense team based in Orange County, wants to make sure a mistake in your past won’t impact your career in the future. Miranda McCroskey and the Unlock Legal team have the experience of successfully appealing rejected real estate license applications.  They will help fight for you to pursue your career.

Are you appealing a rejected real estate license application? Are you applying for a real estate license but have concerns about your criminal history? Unlock Legal can help you navigate the application and appeals process. Our team of license defense lawyers has helped guide licensed professionals through cases with the Board of Registered Nursing, the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Physician’s Assistant Board, and more.

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If you need experienced legal counsel to help you unlock your license, call our team at 949-997-1469. You don’t have to face this alone. Unlock Legal, is a top Orange County-based professional license defense team that represents your best interests.

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