What Kind of Disciplinary Actions Could Be Taken Against Your Nursing License?

What Kind of Disciplinary Actions Could Be Taken Against Your Nursing License?

Thinking about the board of registered nursing license disciplinary actions that can happen if you’re convicted of a crime can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the criminal trial process. When you’ve worked for years to earn your nursing license, the thought of losing your job and career over a DUI or drug conviction could be frustrating and demoralizing. Unlock Legal, an Orange County, California-based professional license defense firm, wants you to know that the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) can hand down disciplinary action other than a complete revocation of your license.

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The BRN generally will take action against you if you have a criminal conviction. Sometimes, even if you avoid the conviction, they can file an accusation against you based on the underlying facts and actions pertaining to the case. Whether or not you were convicted of a crime, your license may be disciplined in the following ways:


If you’re put on probation, you’ll be allowed to continue practicing as a registered nurse under conditions set by the BRN. Those conditions only need to be followed for a certain amount of time, but your license could be suspended or revoked if the terms are violated within that period. Once the probation is over, you can return to practice nursing without any restrictions.

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Citation and fine

The BRN may cite and fine nurses who have committed minor violations of California’s Nursing Practice Act, according to the board’s website. The BRN Citation and Fine System is an informal process for handling violations that do not warrant formal disciplinary action from the board.

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Revocation or suspension of license

The BRN could revoke or suspend a nursing license, which prohibits you from practicing. A license suspension might be set before a probation period, or it could be imposed because of a probation violation. If the license is revoked, you will be permanently forbidden from practicing as a nurse or using the title.

If you’re having issues with your nursing license, contact a professional license defense firm like Unlock Legal. Miranda McCroskey and the Unlock Legal team have experience defending nursing licenses before the BRN and will help you navigate the initial BRN investigation, the board hearing, and the possible appeals process. 

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