What Kind of Convictions Will Lead to an EMT Certification Denial?

What Kind of Convictions Will Lead to an EMT Certification Denial?

Emergency medical technicians (EMT) are often the first ones on-site in life-threatening emergencies. As a professional, your passion is saving lives. You’ve spent countless hours preparing for your career as an EMT, but mistakes from your past could be threatening your future. If you have criminal convictions on your record, your EMT certification could be denied and require you to work with application appeal lawyers.

What convictions can cause your certification to be denied?

Repeat Offender

To become an EMT, applicants must be certified by the National Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT). If your past presents you as an unreliable individual who consistently does not obey the law, you could be at risk for certification denial. Even if your conviction was minor, you might need professional license defense from lawyers like those at Unlock Legal to seal your records.

Convicted of a Serious Crime

Crimes regarding assault, use of a dangerous weapon, abuse, robbery, burglary, and felony can result in the denial of your EMT certifications. As a first responder, you may be thrown into unpredictable situations. NREMT has to guarantee that it’s licensed professionals can handle any emergency thrown at them. Serious crimes do not convey good, moral character. Even if you have these convictions, you still have a chance to appeal with the help of our Unlock Legal team.

Crime Related to EMT Duties

Crimes from your past involving danger to other people can result in denial of your EMT certification. On a daily basis, EMTs work with people from all different backgrounds. In the midst of a crisis, an EMT must demonstrate professionalism and dedication to their duty. NREMT must ensure that all certified EMTs can be trusted to act ethically in all situations.

Are you hoping to become an EMT but are afraid that you won’t be able to become certified because of a past criminal conviction? Unlock Legal can help. We are professional license attorneys with experience helping professional license applicants get their dream jobs despite past mistakes. Give us a call at 949-988-4444 or email us here to see how we can help you unlock your license. A license denial doesn’t have to be the end of your career. Your journey to certification starts with a quick meeting.

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