What Is a Professional License Appeals Lawyer?

What is a professional license appeals lawyer

In California, there are over 30 professional licensing boards. Every occupation from cosmetology to medical licensing requires approval from these boards. Unfortunately, issues can arise in your personal life, such as criminal convictions, and cause friction with your board. As a result, you could be facing an application denial. This is where a professional license appeals lawyer can help kickstart your career.

Who do appeals lawyers help?

California has over 200 occupation licenses. Professional license appeals lawyers serve clients in all of these industries and work to unlock their career paths. Some of the largest boards include:

  • Board of Registered Nursing
  • Department of Insurance
  • Department of Real Estate
  • Physical Therapy Board of California
  • Commission on Teacher Credentialing
  • Physicians Assistant Board
  • California Board of Accountancy

What do appeals lawyers do?

Professional license appeal lawyers are experts in administrative law and focus in helping those with occupational licenses. As a professional license defense lawyer, these attorneys can help you determine exactly what caused your license denial as well as appeal the denial. From the moment you receive a statement of issues from your licensing board, your license defense attorney can help gather the information needed to dispute the denial, help expunge any past convictions that are causing issues, and face the licensing board for you.

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If you were denied your occupation license, an appeals lawyer is your best chance at starting your professional career. 

Work with our appeals lawyers

At Unlock Legal, our appeal lawyers have faced dozens of licensing boards in California and have helped unlock the livelihoods of professionals like you. With decades of experience, our team can help appeal your denial and launch your dream career.

Unlock Legal provides focused representation in criminal defense and defense for California licensed professionals. Contact Unlock Legal today or give us a call at 949-988-4444 to speak with a professional about your case and your unique needs. You’ll find we are compassionate, easy to talk to, and willing to help in any capacity we can.

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