What is an Administrative Hearing with a Licensing Board?

If you’ve been accused of professional misconduct and are facing disciplinary action, you will have to appear before your licensing board for an administrative hearing. An administrative hearing, also referred to as a board hearing, is a trial-like court proceeding that takes place before a governmental agency or regulatory board. Although hearings are similar to traditional criminal or civil court trials, they differ in that they are almost always conducted as bench trials. The Unlock Legal team, an Orange County, California professional license defense firm, wants you to understand all of the components of an administrative hearing:

What Happens During a Hearing?

During the hearing, you will appear before either the members of your professional licensing board or an administrative law judge (ALJ).  In the proceedings, both parties provide facts, evidence, and arguments for their respective cases in an attempt to reach a resolution.

What Happens After a Hearing?

Following a hearing, the license board or the ALJ will render a verdict that will be circulated to all parties in writing.  If you disagree with the ruling, the written decision will include information regarding filing an appeal.

Do I Need Legal Representation?

As in a traditional court of law, you have the choice to represent yourself during your administrative hearing. However, it is best that you seek the representation of a seasoned professional license defense attorney. An effective licensing attorney will prep you for your hearing appearance and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Are you facing disciplinary action that may threaten your professional license?  Unlock Legal has helped licensed professionals in a number of fields including cases with the Department of Insurance, Board of Registered Nursing, Physicians Assistant Board, Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians, Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Podiatric Medicine, Acupuncture Board, Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dental Board of California, Department of Public Health, Board of Occupational Therapy, State Board of Optometry and many others.

If you are facing a crisis, and you need experienced representation to unlock your license, call Miranda McCroskey and the Unlock Legal team today. Contact Unlock Legal for a consultation today!

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