What Does a Professional License Attorney Do?

Have you run into trouble with your occupational license and need assistance? If so, you need to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable, professional license defense attorney. But, you may be wondering, what is a professional license attorney, and what do they do?

Professional license attorneys are lawyers who practice administrative law, a type of law that deals with the regulation and operation of procedures within government agencies. As occupational licenses are handled and overseen by governmental boards, a professional license defense lawyer is primarily an administrative law attorney who focuses on matters regarding occupational licensing.

In California, over 200 job roles require licensing credentials, including real estate agents, healthcare professionals, financial services representatives, and more. Since licenses differ from certifications in that they are legally required by the government for an individual to work in an occupation, they pose an added level of red tape for practitioners in these fields. Because of this, when a licensee runs into trouble, they have to deal with a governmental agency to rectify the situation, instead of just an employer. A professional lawyer will help you navigate through these complexities.

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The bulk of the duties performed by a professional license defense attorney revolve around protecting an individual’s occupational license and right to work. Governmental regulatory boards oversee license approvals, as well as disciplinary actions against licensees that have been accused of unethical behavior, professional misconduct, or those who’ve been charged with a crime. Professional license defense attorneys step in to represent licensees during these matters, and their key areas of focus can be divided into three categories:

  1. Application Appeals: defending a license applicant when their license is denied. A competent occupational license defense lawyer defends an applicant after a denial or a “Statement of Issues” has been filed against them.
  1. Discipline Defense: defending practicing licensees when their license is facing discipline because they’ve been accused of professional misconduct, unethical behavior, or a crime.
  1. Petitions for Reinstatement: representing a former licensee who’d like to re-enter their career field after having a license that has been suspended or revoked.

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Hiring an experienced professional license defense attorney, such as the attorneys at Unlock Legal, offers you many benefits. A seasoned, competent attorney will have experience dealing with the courts and Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). They’ll be able to negotiate better terms for your case and get you shorter probationary periods whenever possible. An occupational license lawyer will also alleviate any confusion you may have during the disciplinary process, as they’ll be able to help you navigate your case smoothly. Additionally, an experienced attorney will prep for your appearances before your board by rehearsing with you and advising you on what to say during any hearings. This sort of focused representation is invaluable and results in you receiving the best possible outcome in your case.

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Are you in need of a California professional license defense attorney? Are you facing disciplinary action from your licensing board, seeking to appeal an application denial, or looking to re-enter your career field? Why do it alone when you can receive the expert counsel of Unlock Legal, a top Orange County-based professional license defense team? Unlock Legal can represent your best interests before any licensing board, including the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the Board of Accountancy, the Medical Board of California, and the Department of Public Health. Contact us today. We will unlock your license.

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