What Do I Do If I Lost My Teaching License

As a teacher, you’ve committed yourself to help others learn more about the subject matter that’s most important to them. Whether you’re working with early childhood, K-12, or any other student population, the world we live in today paints a much different picture than societal standards even as recently as ten years ago. Teachers have extremely high expectations placed on their shoulders, and sometimes they make mistakes which lead to disciplinary action. At the end of the day, we are all human.

But what do you do if your license to teach has been or is about to be disciplined? Is there anything you can do to save your career? At Unlock Legal, we’ve made a name for ourselves doing exactly that – defending professional licenses for people who have just gotten a bad break.
If this sounds like you, here’s what you need to know:

Don’t Delay

If your teaching license is at risk, you need to act fast. As with any allegation against your professional license, the earlier you act, the higher the likelihood your case has the outcome you desire it to have. The key to your defense is to turn to a professional as soon as possible so that you do not miss key deadlines. Delays can really hurt your chances, as saving your license relies heavily on the unique operating procedures of your profession’s governing bodies.

Gather Your Character References

Character references play an increasingly important role during the license reinstatement process. Regardless of what type of misconduct led to it being revoked in the first place, one of the toughest jobs during your appeal is to convince regulators that you are not the person they were led to believe you are. That means any positive letters and acknowledgments of your character from both your home and professional life should be compiled into a packet that we can then present to the authoritative body. Do you have a principal or former administrators that can vouch for you? Do other teachers or parents of former students value your character? This could be a critical part of your defense.

Call Unlock Legal

At Unlock Legal, we’ve been there before and can coach you on what to expect. After working on hundreds of unique cases, we’ve seen it all. The common thread among all our clients is that they likely would not have successfully defended their license if they had gone in alone. Our proven track record means that we familiar with the needs and deadlines associated with your industry.

We know and understand the minor details that can make a difference in our clients’ cases and have the power to help get you back into your career. If you are a teacher and an unfortunate event like a DUI or student complaint has led to the risk of your license being disciplined, we would like to help you forge ahead. Work with our teacher certification defense attorneys to get back on track with your professional goals and hold on to the career you treasure so dearly. You are not alone, and we will do everything we can to get you on your feet professionally.

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