What Can I Do if I Lost My Nursing License?

What Can I Do if I Lost My Nursing License?

What Can I Do if I Lost My Nursing License?

Many people believe that nurses have an innate quality and compassion to help people. Simply put, they don’t choose to be nurses; nursing and caring for people is a calling for them. It’s in their DNA.

Many nurses enjoy a wonderful career, bond with a great medical staff, and feel honored to help patients return back to health.  Some nurses, however, run into issues both on and off-duty that can cause them to have their license permanently revoked.

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Licensing boards take medical violations seriously. They also take any type of criminal or activity seriously, even if that situation happens miles away from their medical facility and patients.  Nursing licensing boards ensure that people maintain a code of ethics.  If the board has determined that you have violated the conditions of your license, it will revoke your right to practice nursing.

Where do nurses turn when they have had their licenses revoked or suspended for a severe amount of time? The team at Unlock Legal a professional license defense firm, came up with three professions where former nurses thrive when they can’t be caring for patients.

Health Care

Yes, it seems strange that we’d mention health care, but there are a lot of positions that keep you in the field without practicing medicine. This could be an admin or clerical in nature, but it keeps you in an environment you know and trust with people you care about.  Plus, if you were to get a role in a place where you previously worked, you might still be able to have interaction with patients. 

Pharmaceutical Sales

Nurses have a lot of experience with medications and pharmaceuticals.  If they’ve spent a good amount of years treating patients, they’ve likely dispensed medication of all types.  Entering the pharma field as a rep plays to a former nurse’s strong suits. They know immediacy and can cut through sales jumbo to inform doctors of their specific pharmaceuticals.  If they’ve worked in multiple private practices or wellness clinics with a large medical team, they have likely amassed a good contact list.  Bringing a strong Rolodex to a position like pharmaceutical sales is an asset to the pharma industry.  A person in this position would be reaching out to valued colleagues instead of relying on cold-calling audiences. 

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Medical Device Rep

When it comes to why a former nurse would success as a medical device rep, we can just look at the above argument for their thriving in pharmaceutical sales.

Nurses are familiar with doctors’ needs, wants, and gripes!  They’ve likely made a comment or two about medical devices that a former nurse could leverage in representing new equipment.  Because the relationship is already there, a former nurse might have an easier time selling a medical staff or chief physician on specific new and costly equipment.

Remain a Nurse 

We know we said three positions. But the best position for a former nurse is… nursing!   There’s likely little reason to leave the field if you simply made a mistake.  You certainly wouldn’t want to give up your position over a minor incident off-duty. 

Unlock Legal fights for nurses during these situations with licensing boards.  If you are in the middle of a review of a complaint against you with the California Board of Registered Nursing, don’t fight it alone.  We see judgments against licensed professionals that often do not fit the complaint.  It is no coincidence that those heavier judgments often come in board reviews where license defense is not present.

We also can help people who didn’t have representation during their board hearing and met the same outcome, revocation of license, or a severe suspension of your license.

Unlock Your License and Unlock Your Life

Unlock Legal, an Orange County license defense firm works with licensed professionals routinely in similar situations to those described above.  Don’t lose your career or your financial security because of a mistake.  We work closely with licensing boards to reduce and eliminate harsh judgments against honest and hard-working professionals here in California.

If you are facing a licensing board review, give the Unlock Legal team a call at 949-988-4444 or request a consultation with our legal team.

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