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What Are Some Reasons My Professional License Could be Denied in the State of California

Becoming a licensed professional within your industry is no easy feat, but having your application denied within the process is a barrier you weren’t expecting.

It can be heartbreaking!

To many, these reasons can come as a surprise. The denial process, which is similar to other institutions, requires a detailed explanation for how the decision was reached.

Traditionally, during the appeal process, the board will deliver your Statement of Issues which details the reason for your denial. If denied for any reason, your licensing fees won’t be refunded. We want to save you time and money to inform you about the potential reasons your application may have been denied for your professional license.

Here at Unlock Legal, we help to defend your license and your life. We don’t want you to be blindsided regarding the outcome of your professional license application.

Below are the reasons why your professional license could be denied:

  • Misleading information on an application for your license
  • An open case or warrant out for your arrest
  • Legal action was taken against your business or professional license in another state and/or by the federal government
  • A felony conviction and the conviction is directly correlated to the functions and duties of the license
  • A misdemeanor conviction and the conviction is directly correlated to the functions and duties of the license
  • Failure to disclose pending criminal convictions, disciplinary actions, or charges

If you’ve been denied a license by the licensing board, you need to contact an experienced professional to aid in defending your case and appealing the rejection immediately.

You’re allowed up to 60 days to submit a written appeal to the licensing board. After 60 days, you automatically forfeit your hearing, and your application is denied. This can be a tedious and tiresome task. You shouldn’t have to go through this process alone.

If you know you have past convictions, call us before submitting your professional license application.  We can help clean up your record and put you on the right track to an  approval.

Regardless of your history, a previous conviction shouldn’t hinder your future. If you’re curious as to which offense could potentially affect your license, call us today at 949-268-2857 for a quick and discreet consultation.  Unlock Legal is a top professional license defense firm in Orange County.  We work with our licensed professionals to keep them working.  Don’t settle for a board’s decision without representation! 

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