This Week in California Cannabis: California Expunges Cannabis Convictions, Columbia Care Opens Virtual Shop & Pasadena Struggles to Legalize Cannabis

This Week in California Cannabis: California Expunges Cannabis Convictions, Columbia Care Opens Virtual Shop & Pasadena Struggles to Legalize Cannabis

The California Cannabis industry is yet again seeing some changes – convictions are being expunged, virtual shops are being introduced, and cities continue to experience licensing issues. Here are the full stories.

California is Expunging Cannabis Convictions

In an effort to eliminate criminal records for those individuals that are no longer violating state law, Santa Clara County is expunging more than 11,500 convictions for Cannabis offenses. These Cannabis convictions have caused major damage to the reputations of thousands of professionals in California. This new order will clear the record for those convicted, providing a sense of closure for their case and the ability for them to more easily seek employment. 

Although many people will be freed of their charges, some convictions will still remain intact. Those include Cannabis offenses associated with possession of firearms, child endangerment, and environmental destruction.

Columbia Care Introduces First Virtual Shopping Experience

Since the in-store closing of commercial dispensaries in California, customers have looked for alternatives to getting their Cannabis supplies. Columbia Care California, a Pacific Beach recreational dispensary, has created Virtual.Care. This program allows consumers to virtually shop with a staff member. 

Here’s how it works. Customers book an appointment online. During their 30-minute shopping experience, customers will have a video chat with a sales associate to help them find the right products. 15-minute appointments are also available but are reserved for product Q & A’s or a chat with a licensed doctor about enrolling in a medical marijuana program. This Virtual.Care program is revolutionizing how other dispensaries will function. Instead of just clicking a product link online, Columbia Care customers can receive a personal shopper. As the industry changes, more commercial Cannabis businesses may follow suit.

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Pasadena Continues to Struggle with Legalizing Commercial Cannabis

Chief executive and founder of Sweet Flower has temporarily derailed the Cannabis permit process in Pasadena. Pasadena recently selected businesses to receive commercial Cannabis licenses and had plans to move forward with these businesses when they received an unsettling letter from SweetFlower. According to the letter, the SweetFlower Chief Executive questioned the validity of one of his competitor’s applications. His points were valid enough to prompt City Planning Director David Reyes to delay voting on the selected businesses.

But SweetFlower hasn’t stopped there. Over the past few months, SweetFlower has filed multiple lawsuits against other Cannabis competitors and sued the City of Pasadena for rejecting the company’s Cannabis application. City officials have pushed back on SweetFlower’s allegations and are currently working to find a solution to their licensing issues.

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