The California Contractors Licensing Board Denied My License.

You spent hours studying for the California contractor license application exam to prepare yourself for your future career. Instead of receiving an approval letter, you are served a statement of issues from the Contractors State License Board. Although your professional license could have been denied for a variety of reasons, you still have the chance to appeal this decision. A professional contractor license defense attorney can help open the door to your dream career.

Why Was My License Denied?

Past convictions can affect the approval of your professional contractor’s license. If you committed any of the following in the last seven years, your initial application could be rejected by the California State Contractors Licensing Board.

  • Serious felony
  • Sex offenses
  • Financial felony related to contracting

Other substantially related convictions such as those regarding contractor’s licensing laws, violence, and theft could also affect your California contractor license application approval and validity of your future career. Even if you have convictions like these on your record, your license defense lawyer can help you appeal this decision.

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What is the appeal process?

Once you have received your denial, you have 60 days to request an appeal hearing with the California Contractors License Board. Although you are allotted this two month period, the key to getting your professional license is to act fast. You can work with your lawyer to file your appeal request right away and get the process started.

Once you have submitted an appeal request, you may have to wait up to 90 days before your hearing. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by this timeline. License defense attorneys like those at Unlock Legal have experience with all California professional licensing boards and will help manage your case from beginning to end. Your lawyer will represent you at this board hearing and help unlock your professional license.

It can feel like your career has already ended before it has begun when you are served a statement of issues and denied your professional contractor’s license. Don’t give up hope. You still can help others with the job of your dreams.

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