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We have all seen the climax of A Few Good Men, the critical moments of Law & Order, and a number of other courtroom dramas. The lawyers always have a flare for the dramatic because the client’s life or livelihood is on the line and the question at issue generally has to do with a hot topic, like murder, rape, or substance abuse. The cases no one seems to talk about, which have equally high-stakes with a fraction of the flare are licensing disputes. This means license lawyers must be thoroughly screened and chosen with precision.

In order to obtain a professional license, an individual is put through the academic ringer for years. Constant studying from a relatively young age to get into a graduate program; continuous effort to maintain satisfactory marks in order to land a job after school; highly specialized training at various clinics, internships, and firms, which often do not pay summer “employees”. After working countless hours to build up the requisite experience to begin a career, these individuals must study diligently and pay a high fee for the exam that gives them this coveted certificate. After all this, the person then may embark on her career, and that is where the real work begins.

So, if, after 27 years of practicing in the professional field for which she earned a license, a licensee faces criminal charges and revocation of this license, her potential loss is devastating. Loss of a license is generally a loss of economy, which ultimately means the licensee must find the best available attorney to defend her license and avoid these harsh penalties.

Choosing the lawyer is the most difficult, but valuable, process for the client after criminal charges arise. The attorney must be willing to seek thorough discovery of facts at an early stage, intervene with the board at every necessary stage to minimize the penalties, and prepare the case in such a way as to bring about a solid defense while simultaneously working to weaken the prosecution. An attorney that can adequately present the case to the Board and complete the tedious paperwork involved in these cases is of extreme value.

When her license, livelihood, and years of hard work are on the line, the defendant’s best bet at remaining economically stable is to hire a lawyer willing to aid on her behalf every step of the way in these processes.

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