Real Estate Violations in California That Can Result in License Suspensions

Real Estate Violations in California That Can Result in License Suspensions

If you work in real estate here in California, you know the market is competitive. Real estate agents are an integral part of the home buying process, and reputation means everything. But what happens when you do something wrong inside or outside the business? You find yourself facing a hearing with the real estate board.

Just like any other legal hearings, you wouldn’t want to attend those on your own. That’s why real estate agents have Unlock Legal on retainer. When your license is in jeopardy, you need an experienced real estate license defense attorney to defend your case.

We want to look at some of the potential violations in the eyes of the Real Estate Board, and we want to highlight some of the recent violations in California.

Disciplinary actions include:

  • Actions taken against a licensed or unlicensed person/entity for loan modification activities
  • Actions taken against unlicensed real estate activities
  • Actions taken against a licensed or unlicensed person/entity for short sale transactions
  • Actions taken against course providers
  • Actions taken against subdivision violations
  • Actions taken against unlicensed prepaid rental listing service activities

The state of California’s Department of Real Estate also lists out all the code violations. You can read them here.

If you settle a violation with the state, the licensing board will publish your name and violation. You can see August 2019’s settled cases here.

Criminal infractions can happen outside the real estate industry too. These often can be arrests like DUI, shoplifting, aggravated assault, domestic violence, and many other charges that are a serious threat to your real estate license even though they likely have nothing to do with real estate at all.

We also work with aspiring real estate professionals who may have had an arrest or conviction years prior and are now discovering that this could be a barrier to the professional license they currently seek.

How can Unlock Legal help you? Are you facing legal issues based on your actions within the real estate industry? We can help. Have you been arrested recently and fear your real estate license could be revoked or suspended? Unlock Legal has worked with licensing boards to achieve the desired resolution. Are you a student or applicant in a real estate and something from your past could block your path? We want to clear the way.

Here at Unlock Legal, we not only unlock your license; we unlock your life! If you fear your professional license is in jeopardy, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a quick, discreet, and confidential consultation. We love our realtor community, and we want to see real estate agents doing what they do best – showing homes and helping clients find the homes of their dreams.

If you need help – call us right now at 949-997-1474 or use this form to contact our legal team.

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