My Real Estate Broker Application Was Rejected

my real estate broker application was rejected

To make your dream career a reality, you need to submit your real estate broker application. After passing grueling exams, you might expect this process will be a breeze. Unfortunately, many future real estate brokers find themselves back to square one when they receive a denial. Here are the reasons your real estate license could be rejected and what you can do to appeal it.

Cause for Application Denial

The Department of Real Estate (DRE) expects its applicants to be honest, reliable, and represent the real estate industry with integrity. However, some applicants may have skeletons in their closets that emerge during this application process. Once you submit your application, the DRE runs a background check. If any of the following are on your record, you may receive an application denial instead of approval.

  • Convictions substantially related to the qualification, functions, and duties of a real estate broker
  • Administrative action taken against a business, professional license, certificate or permit by any state or federal agency
  • Assault or murder
  • Bribery
  • Burglary or theft
  • DUI or drug possession
  • Fraud 
  • Tax evasion

In addition to this list, there may be many other criminal convictions that can prevent you from obtaining your real estate license. However, even if you do have charges on your record, your path to your career isn’t over. The best way to get ahead of a potential denial due to a conviction is to disclose them ahead of time. If you are honest and upfront about your past and can even show that you are not that same person, the DRE may take an extra look at your application. 

If you are dealing with a license rejection, it’s crucial that you contact a professional license defense lawyer to properly appeal your denial.

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Appealing Real Estate Broker Application Denial

When initially applying for your real estate broker license, you are required to submit a variety of documents. This information includes transcripts, certificates, proof of experience, and the main license application. When appealing your denial, you will add a few more things onto your list. You will need to show that you have resolved the issues that caused your denial and prove that you are an honest and truthful person. This could require statements and recommendations from professional and personal contacts. Gathering all of this information while managing your daily life can be extremely stressful. This is where a professional license defense attorney can help. 

A professional lawyer can help gather all the documentation you need and ensure you have the best chance at appealing your denial. If your application was rejected for past convictions, your lawyer can expunge your convictions or even seal your records if necessary. They’ll make sure nothing from your past stands in the way of your future career. 

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Only 50% of brokers receive their professional licenses on the first try. – Department of Real Estate

We understand how hard you work to start your career and how devastating it is to receive a denial for your license. Our team is dedicated to unlocking real estate licenses for professionals like you. We’ll fight to petition your denial and successfully help you start your career.

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