Post-Conviction Relief FAQs

Criminal convictions are common reasons license boards deny applications and discipline license holders. Post-conviction relief is a crucial part of criminal defense for licensed professionals that can help protect your career from these denials and possible discipline. This process helps to expunge applicable cases, assist with early termination of probation, reduce felony convictions, and possibly help you obtain a certificate of rehabilitation.

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1. Does Post-Conviction Relief Clean Up My Records?

Post-conviction relief includes the process of “cleaning up” your record.  This process involves petitioning the criminal court to withdraw the guilty plea and dismiss past mistakes. Although you will still have to disclose this information on your licensing board application, your record will state you are no longer convicted of that crime.

2. How Can I End Probation Early?

A motion for early termination of your probation is also a part of post-conviction relief. In order to end your probation sooner, a motion for early termination and petition for dismissal must be filed with the criminal court. It is recommended that you complete at least 50% of your probationary period before applying for this certificate.

3. What Do I Need to Obtain a Certificate of Rehabilitation?

If you have a conviction that required jail time, you can file a certificate of rehabilitation. A certificate of rehabilitation is filed with the court when an expungement is not available to the person due to a variety of factors.

4. Can This Help with Reducing My Criminal Conviction?

Alongside the process of ending your probation early, you can also file a petition to reduce a felony that does not require jail time to a misdemeanor instead. This reduction will help prove you are a viable potential licensee holder when applying to your professional board.

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