New Career Opportunities for Licensed Professionals in 2021

New Career Opportunities for Licensed Professionals in 2021

New Career Opportunities for Licensed Professionals in 2021

In March 2020, the unemployment rate peaked in California. Many businesses closed their doors and sent their employees home. Licensed professionals were some of the individuals most impacted by these shutdowns. Now as a result of the pandemic, California residents are looking for new avenues for their professional careers. Several laws are helping these residents create their new career paths.


CAL FIRE and LA County Fire Department have been working alongside the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for years to provide inmates with the opportunity to serve the community and fight wildfires. However, their years of hard work didn’t previously translate into real workforce experience. Assembly Bill 2147 now gives these inmates the opportunity to expunge their records upon release of their sentence. They will no longer have to disclose their felony conviction on their job applications and cannot be denied their professional license due to these convictions.


As a professional, convictions can severely impact the future of your career. Not only can they lead to application denials, but they can also cause future suspensions or even revocations of your occupational license. Assembly Bill 1950 works to shorten the length of probation of most misdemeanor and felony convictions to one or two years, allowing people to get back to work sooner. Prior to this bill, probation ranged anywhere from three to five years. 

As the impacts of the pandemic linger on California, residents are working towards pivoting their current careers and working towards more frontline positions. With these bills and several others like AB-2138 in place, individuals have a better chance of obtaining their professional licensure and starting their new lives.

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2020 was a difficult year for all of California. If you are working on changing your career path and are struggling with your licensing board, we can help.

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