Miss a Court Date?

When issued a ticket or a complaint, you are given a court date, for which you must appear on your own behalf or hire an attorney to do so. If you fail to appear when ordered, there could be a warrant issued for your arrest. However, waiting around to be picked up by the police is not the only route at the point.

A court could issue a warrant for that reason, or for violating probation, failing to pay fines or fulfill a court order, or being held in contempt of court. If there is probable cause a crime has been committed, a court could issue a warrant, as well.

Speaking to and hiring an attorney is generally the best practice when faced with this situation. Oftentimes, an attorney is best equipped to communicate with the court, the district attorney, and the judge, and may be able to resolve the matter in a few appearances. Attorneys can reschedule the date you missed, potentially keep you out of jail, or lessen your punishment by correctly advising you on how to turn yourself in.

Having a warrant out for your arrest or even just missing a court date can be stressful. It involves a panic and worry that police will show up and arrest you, and can potentially lead to your incarceration. However, there are ways out that skilled attorneys can discover and utilize on your behalf.

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