MaxLove Project

We work with a variety of organizations and movements here in Orange County.  One that is very near and dear to our hearts is the MaxLove Project. 

MaxLove Project was inspired by SuperMax Wilford, and many children like him, who continue to fight and thrive against cancer and life-threatening issues. The MaxLove Project works to inspire hope in young children and their families during the cancer-fighting years, and in the years beyond the treatment. 

Approximately 15,600 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year in the U.S, and that’s why it’s so important to have organizations such as these in place to continue the fight long after treatment.

Unlock Legal is a proud supporter of the MaxLove Project because of our ties to the Wilford family.  We have grown close to Justin and Audra and the kids because of our son’s friendship with Max.

Justin and Audra started this volunteer-powered and family-oriented organization in 2011, and they always looking for individuals like yourself to help further the mission.  Find out more about the MaxLove Project and how to  get involved below.

A family facing a cancer diagnosis faces a lot of challenges.  The MaxLove Project encourages families to be just as active in the healing process as during the treatment process.  MaxLove Project operates as a foundation, but it’s comprised of many different projects that impact the community in a major way.

One of their main initiatives is the Be Super 7-point action plan.  This daily plan to thriving includes:

  • Boost yourself with special thoughts
  • Eat super fierce foods
  • Sleep super peacefully
  • Unleash you super strength
  • Practice super mindfulness
  • Enlist your super community
  • Refresh your super surroundings

Today, over 80% of all children diagnosed with some cancers survive beyond 5 years. This number is still staggering,

Find out more about the MaxLove Project and how to get involved here.

MaxLove Project Unlock Legal is a proud supporter of the MaxLove Project! 

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