Investigations Where Professionals Hold Multiple Licenses

California professionals need a specialized license for each field in which they work. For example, an engineer may teach part-time at a school, meaning they will need both an engineering and teaching certification. There are potential issues when the professional is accused of misconduct that can put their licenses in jeopardy. There can be several enforcement programs with an interest in the facts and an eye on disciplinary action.

The usual issue that can present issues for several licenses is when the license holder is convicted of DUI or another offense outside work that can impact their fitness to practice their profession. The licensee may be obligated to self-report their arrest and conviction. Once one board takes steps to act, others may follow. A serious conviction can cost you all your jobs if they require licensing.

Boards may coordinate with each other, or they may each perform their own separate investigation. It is up to them how to proceed. If you are in a position where you are responding to multiple investigations, it can make things difficult for you and increase the chances that you may make a mistake.

Professional License Defense Can Be a Complex Area

At the same time, you need to know the potential enforcement actions and procedures for multiple Boards because you can be in front of all of them. Not every professional board handles discipline the same way. Something that can be an issue that costs you one license may not impact another. Some boards may be more open to informal engagement, while others may proceed more formally.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you should try to get out ahead of legal matters by hiring a criminal and professional license defense attorney. Your lawyer can engage the relevant board and potentially persuade them that disciplinary action is not required.

Boards May View Facts Differently

Each board will need to make its own determination about whether the alleged conduct will make you unfit for the profession. The decision can be different depending on the profession. For example, the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing may be extremely reactive to a DUI conviction that occurred during school hours or with children in the car. Some boards may focus on you getting the help that you need to be rehabilitated and not be a risk to the public, while other boards can take strong action to punish you for what happened.

The common theme, no matter which board is handling your case, is that you are entitled to due process before any sanctions can be issued. You can have a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, where your attorney can present your side of the story. Your license defense lawyer can engage with the board before your case reaches the point of a hearing to negotiate a resolution or even persuade the board not to file any charges. You should not attempt to handle matters on your own, especially when multiple boards are involved.

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