Impacts of Marijuana Use On California Nursing Licenses

Although marijuana may be legal in many areas in California, the use of this recreational drug will impact your career. Many businesses have specific guidelines that employees must follow in regards to recreational drug use.  If you are a nurse working in the healthcare industry, you are especially putting yourself at risk for disciplinary action.

Taking Required Drug Tests

In California, many businesses still categorize recreational drug use alongside alcohol consumption. At any time during employment, employees may be required to take multiple drug tests that check for both of these substances. This puts those in the medical field at a higher risk. If your employer sees you are impaired, injured, or made a dire mistake while on the job, they will likely order a drug test. A failed drug test can result in termination from your job as well as a suspension of your professional license. 

Testing Positive

Drug test failures must immediately be reported to the California Board of Nursing (BRN) who will then determine if disciplinary action is required.  Here are other factors that licensing boards take into account when evaluating licensure for those using recreational marijuana. 

  • Negative work performance reports
  • Errors on the job 
  • DUI arrests
  • Marijuana-related convictions

Additionally, the BRN will investigate whether you had a prescription for the marijuana in your system if you were working under the influence and any history of drug or alcohol abuse. 

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Facing the BRN

Once your board has been alerted of your failed drug test, it’s imperative to contact a professional license defense attorney. The BRN will decide whether or not to file an accusation against you that results in a suspension or a revocation of your California nursing license. Your license defense attorney can help minimize the risk of losing your license and fight for other options such as rehabilitation or entrance into the diversion program.

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