I’m Facing a Board Hearing for My License: What Can I Do?

Has your licensing board launched a disciplinary investigation against you? If so, it’s likely that if settlement is not reached you’ll be facing a board hearing. These trial-like proceedings occur to help the licensing board or Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) come to a resolution in your case, and they can be an intimidating experience. The team at Unlock Legal, an Orange County Professional License Defense firm, wants you to know that there are steps you can take to prepare for your appearance.

Contact a Professional License Defense Attorney

It’s imperative that you reach out to an experienced license defense attorney at your earliest convenience. With the guidance of a competent attorney, your board hearing will run more seamlessly, and you’ll more easily navigate the disciplinary process. Your attorney will also ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your case and will prep you throughout every step of the process, including rehearsing with you before your hearing.

Dress Appropriately

After meeting with your attorney and going over your tailored legal strategy, you’ll want to start planning for your hearing appearance. An essential aspect of the hearing proceeding is dressing appropriately. It’s true that first impressions are lasting impressions, and your presentation in court matters dearly. For your hearing, you want your attire to communicate that you are responsible, accountable and professional. To show this, be sure to dress modestly and professionally. Avoid wearing any sleeveless tops, very short skirts/dresses, open-toed shoes, or ill-fitting clothes.

Be Prepared

Have your facts and evidence readily available and organized in a script to present. Practice explaining the details of your situation clearly yet briefly, and have a few sentences prepared. This is where your attorney will advise you on what to say and include during your testimonial.

You’ll also want to bring enough copies of any evidence you may have, such as any pertinent documents or photos. Have a copy for yourself, a copy for the judge and a copy for the other party.

Being prepared also means bringing any witnesses that you’d like to testify.

Be Punctual

To be on time is to be late. Leave 20 minutes earlier than the GPS advises to allow for any unexpected traffic congestion and enough time to search for parking at the hearing location. It is important to be early, but most importantly, do not miss the hearing.

Be Respectful

Be respectful of the court and everyone in attendance. This includes addressing the judge correctly as “Your Honor” and refraining from using their first name. Also, do not yell, curse, interrupt others, or be otherwise disruptive.  Remember, maintaining a poised, professional demeanor is paramount.

Listen to the Judge

Be sure to listen to the judge. They are there to hear the testimonies of all parties involved so that they can render a fair verdict.

Have you been summoned to attend a hearing? By following these steps, you’ll be ready for your appearance.  But you don’t have to face these board hearings alone. Your first step is to contact Unlock Legal now. Unlock Legal has helped licensed professionals from several fields including cases with the Department of Real Estate, Board of Registered Nursing, Physicians Assistant Board, and more unlock their license, allowing them to return to doing what they love.

If you’re facing disciplinary action and are at risk of losing your license, call Miranda McCroskey and the Unlock Legal team today. Contact Unlock Legal for a consultation now!

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