How to Submit a Positive Moral Character Application for the California State Board

A positive moral character determination is one of the many factors needed to be admitted to the State Bar of California. The process can take anywhere from four months to one year depending on the complexities. This is why we highly encourage current law school students to start the process during their last year of law school.

The moral character application is a compilation of many details of the applicant’s life. The purpose of this application is to determine if you are of good moral character to practice law in California. “Good moral character includes but is not limited to qualities of honesty, fairness, candor, trustworthiness, observance of fiduciary responsibility, respect for and obedience to the law, and respect for the rights of others and the judicial process.”  It’s important to be honest on this application and prove that you are of good standing.

Once you’ve filed your application, the State Bar will receive your history and contact you if there is any missing or incomplete information. If questions arise regarding your moral character, you may be required to attend an informal hearing. This is why the process can be extremely lengthy for new law school graduates. The burden is on you to show that you are of good moral character, but working with an attorney with distinguished knowledge in this area can help ensure a smooth process. 

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If you think you may have trouble with your moral character application, call our experienced attorneys at Unlock Legal. We can help submit your application and get you on your way to starting your career as a California attorney.

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