How to Host a Compliant 420 Event

If you have a Cannabis event license in California, you’ve probably started thinking about launching a big 420 event for your community. Although it can be a great turnout, there are many compliance and regulation laws you want to include in your event plan.

On-site Sales and Consumption

Like many big events in a variety of industries, customers are expecting to spend money. When planning your 420 celebration event, it’s important to decide whether you will have products available for purchase. If you choose to do this, there are few rules and requirements you must follow:

  • The transportation of products must be delivered by a licensed distributor.
  • A retail license is required in addition to an event license to sell products on-site.
  • An age verification process is required to ensure all attendees are 21 or older.
  • Mobile sales are prohibited during the event.
  • Cannabis consumption areas must not be visible from any public area. 
  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited from the event premises.

Temporary Cannabis Event License

For retail shops that would like to host a 420 event, a temporary Cannabis event license may be the solution. Annual event licenses require applicants to identify their yearly events upfront. However, some retail shops choose to participate in one-off events. This temporary event license provides the option to host a Cannabis event for a specific date. The event must also be held at a locally approved location such as a county fair or district agricultural association event. Additionally, applicants will need to provide a diagram of the layout of the event, a list of licensed vendors, and contact information for an on-site contact.

Educational Materials

Instead of selling products at your 420 event, you may be considering organizing it as an educational opportunity. These types of events do not require a retail-licensed business to apply for a temporary event license as long as no products are sold or consumed. 

Annually, 420 is a largely celebrated event within the Cannabis community. It’s important to ensure that your event plans strictly follow Cannabis compliance and regulation laws. Our team at Unlock Legal can help you plan and execute your event while staying within the law.

We Can Help

At Unlock Legal, we can help you apply for your event license, prepare and review all your 420 party vendor contracts, and implement vendor and attendee guidelines to make sure your party goes off without a hitch. We can help.  Give us a call at 949-988-4444.

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