How to Enjoy Black Wednesday Responsibly

How to Enjoy Black Wednesday Responsibly

With the holidays comes shiny shopping deals, family feasts, and an increase in social gatherings, especially those that incorporate drinking.

And with Thanksgiving being one of the biggest holidays celebrated in the United States, most companies typically offer its employees an extended weekend immediately following the holiday. As a result of this custom, a new “tradition” has emerged in recent years. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the day before Thanksgiving has become known as Blackout Wednesday (also known as Black Wednesday), and it’s the United States’ biggest drinking day of the year. This “tradition” seems to be more than an urban myth, as reported by the Orange County Register, who shared that in 2016, beer sales jumped 270%, and liquor sales jumped 114% on Thanksgiving Eve.

Due to increased alcohol consumption levels on this particular day, California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies implement maximum enforcement periods – heightened patrol efforts to keep California’s streets and highways safe during the holiday season. To minimize your likelihood of any unfortunate events, we have crafted a list of tips to help all party-goers stay safe on this day and throughout the entire season.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This is often said but not always heeded. It is imperative not to drink and drive, especially during the holiday season, when there is more risky driving taking place and a heightened presence of law enforcement officials on the road monitoring for drunk drivers.

Designate a Non-Drinking Driver

An easy and more affordable way to stay safe on the roads during Blackout Wednesday is to ride with a sober friend or family member. Arrange plans before heading out for the evening so that everyone is on the same page regarding who is the non-drinking driver.

Use Ride-Sharing Services

If everyone in your party plans to drink, a great safe travel option is ride-sharing services. In Southern California, there are many commercial ride-sharing companies in operation. Uber and Lyft are the most popular on the market, but there are many others available as well.

Take a Taxi

If ride-sharing services are scant or less prevalent in your area, consider booking a taxi cab to get to and from your events. There are typically regional cab services, such as Yellow Cab Co, that can sometimes be more readily available than local ride-share options.

Choose Mocktails, not Cocktails

Another way to enjoy your holiday parties responsibly is to opt out of drinking altogether. Tasty mocktails or can be just as festive as alcoholic cocktails, minus the inebriated effects. Consider ordering a virgin margarita, or ask the bartender for their signature drink without alcohol.

Key takeaway? Before you head out for a fun time next week, consider one of these five tips for getting home safely. And no matter how you choose to spend your Thanksgiving Eve, just remember to party responsibly. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law this holiday, we can help.  Give us a call at 949-988-4444.

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