How to Apply for My Professional Nursing License

How to Apply for My Professional Nursing License

Nursing is one of the largest growing professions in California. With the need for more assistance in medical facilities, more residents are seeking to obtain their nursing licenses. If you are ready to start your healthcare career, here’s what you can expect from the process of applying for your professional license.

Applying for California Nursing License

There are two paths you can take to obtain your nursing license in California – exam or endorsement. 


If you are seeking to obtain your license for the first time, you are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). This standardized test determines your preparedness for a position as an entry-level nurse.


If you already have a nursing license in another state, you can apply for your California accreditation through endorsement. This process takes into account your prior work in the state you currently hold licensure.

Obstacles with Obtaining Your Nursing License

Both exam and endorsement licensing processes will put you on the path to your nursing career. However, there are several obstacles that can stand in your way. Although less than 1% of nurses receive disciplinary action in the US, any violation of the Nurse Practice Act can impact your license. 

If you hold a professional license in another state and have formal complaints against you, the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) will take these into consideration. If they are serious enough or resulted in disciplinary action, you could have your California license denied. 

Even if you don’t currently hold any professional licenses, the BRN will look at your past records when evaluating your application. Criminal convictions are a major setback for those applying for their nursing licenses. 

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If your nursing license is denied, your career isn’t over. Working with a nursing license defense attorney can help improve your chances of changing the board’s decision. Your professional license defense attorney can help expunge or seal your records if needed and manage the process of appealing the BRN.

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We understand how important obtaining your nursing license is to your livelihood. A denial doesn’t have to be the end of your career. Our appeal lawyers and nursing license defense attorneys have decades of experience facing the BRN and helping individuals like you obtain their professional licenses. 

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