Effects of DUI Convictions on California Licensed Professionals

Effects of DUI Convictions on California Licensed Professionals

Effects of DUI Convictions on California Licensed Professionals

DUI convictions and arrests typically increase during the holiday season. With these celebrations just around the corner, you could find yourself in an unhappy situation. Although California DUI convictions are difficult for both licensed and non-licensed professionals, licensed professionals will experience more severe aftereffects of their arrest. Here’s how DUIs could affect you this season.

Medical Professionals

In the medical field, nurses, physician assistants, and even psychologists can be greatly impacted by DUI convictions. Depending on the circumstances of your current conviction and past mistakes, you could lose your job. If you are already on probation when this arrest occurs, you may be facing harsher consequences such as extended probation, suspension, or revocation of your license. Different boards have different requirements for disclosure of arrests, filing of criminal complaints, and/or convictions.  Make sure you consult with a license defense attorney to find out what your duties are.  In addition, your place of work may have disclosure requirements.  Your employee handbook should set out your duties to disclose. 

First Responders

As a first responder, your job is to save lives. Your board requires you to be a respectable public servant, even when you’re off the clock. Receiving DUI convictions can strain your current position and limit your job prospect in the future. Some departments may even have a zero-tolerance policy that could put your career in jeopardy. If you do receive a DUI, be sure to report it right away. Honesty is extremely valuable in your position.   


Teachers have extremely high expectations placed on their shoulders and mistakes like a DUI could lead to disciplinary action. Although there are no laws that say you cannot obtain or maintain your teaching license with a DUI, school districts may have a different set of requirements. You could be facing probation from your school which could include being suspended or even fired. It’s important that you communicate this conviction with your board and your school right away to avoid losing your teaching license and ensuring your position is protected.


The California Board of Accountancy requires their licensees to uphold integrity and adhere to all laws. If you received a DUI, the CBA will likely conduct an investigation to determine if your conviction is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of your job. Based on their findings, you could be required to attend a formal hearing and face potential discipline such as suspension or revocation of your license. It’s important to get ahead of the investigation and properly report your DUI as soon as it happens.


As a contractor, unethical or criminal offenses, like DUI convictions, may severely impact your professional license. Like other boards, the California State Contractor’s License Board will evaluate your offenses to determine if they are substantially related to your job duties.  As stated above, different boards have different requirements for disclosure of arrests, filing of criminal complaints, and/or convictions. Consulting with a license defense attorney is crucial to ensure your full compliance with your board’s requirements. 

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