How to Protect Your Professional License from a DUI Charge

How to Protect Your Professional License from a DUI Charge

Driving while under the influence is a mistake that can cost your professional license. And the holidays are the most dangerous time to be on the road. Even though most people are celebrating the holidays at home, others may still be going out and not thinking twice about their mental and physical clarity.  There have been many recent DUI cases in Southern California that have resulted in fatalities this holiday season. Whether you’ve chosen to consume alcohol or recreational marijuana, getting behind the wheel impaired will result in serious consequences to your career. If you receive a DUI this holiday season, here’s what you can do to protect your license from a DUI conviction.

Challenge Inaccurate Results

Many factors are taken into consideration when an officer determines if you are driving while under the influence. Fortunately, many of these can be argued in your favor and help you beat a potential DUI. Signs of intoxication such as red eyes, flushed face, or slurred speech can be attributed to reasons other than alcohol or drug use, especially for frontline workers. Nurses working double shifts may demonstrate these signs of exhaustion due to long hours on their feet. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can fight these charges and potentially protect yourself from a DUI conviction

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Contact a Professional

When dealing with a potential DUI charge, it’s important to contact a criminal defense attorney right away. You will also need to contact a professional license defense attorney as well. Not only will you be dealing with fines and charges for your impaired driving, but you will also have to face your professional licensing board. In order to get the best outcome possible, begin working with both lawyers immediately. Experienced attorneys like those at Unlock Legal can help you report your conviction correctly and prevent your license from being revoked or suspended. 

Contact Unlock Legal

If your professional license is under scrutiny from your licensing board for a DUI conviction, the first thing you should do is contact our team at Unlock Legal. We’ve stood before licensing boards to petition for reinstatement, fight against license denial, and even manage administrative hearings when a professional’s license is under investigation. Our priority is to get you the best outcome possible and handle your case from beginning to end – no matter how long it takes.

Unlock Legal provides focused representation in criminal defense and defense for California licensed professionals. Contact Unlock Legal today or give us a call at 949-988-4444 to speak with a professional about your case and your unique needs. You’ll find we are compassionate, easy to talk to, and willing to help in any capacity we can.

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