Criminal Defense for Professionals

As a California licensed professional, you are expected to uphold the highest integrity both inside and outside of the workplace. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen. As a result, your liberty and livelihood could be at risk. Learn how criminal defense for professionals can help protect your career.

When you are a licensed professional facing a charge in California criminal courts, it is imperative that you take into account the collateral consequences a conviction may have on your professional license.  Hiring a criminal defense attorney who has an understanding and experience in dealing with licensing boards will assist you in having the best possible final result – both in the criminal courts and, later, with your licensing board.  

Your lawyer focusing on criminal defense for professionals will first fight your charges in criminal court, then disclose this information to your board and employer (if necessary). They will take a holistic approach to your representation focusing on your liberty and your license. 

Impact of Criminal Convictions on Professionals

Discipline of your license

California licensing bodies administer discipline to those that have convictions that are “substantially related” to their job performance or duties and serious criminal offenses. Although this determination can vary from case to case, the most common crimes that will impact your current license include:

  • Dishonesty
  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility
  • Financial felony
  • Sex offense

These crimes can result in some form of reprimand, such as probation or suspension as well as license revocation. 

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Applying for Your License

If you are applying to a California board, department or agency these convictions of “substantially related” crimes can also impact your ability to obtain your professional license. Although it is possible to receive your license with a criminal conviction, it can be a long and difficult process. If you have been convicted of a crime prior to applying for your professional license, you need to work with an attorney with an experienced professional license defense attorney.   This can help you avoid a license denial and start your career right away.

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Any crime that is substantially related to your career can put your license at risk.

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