Client Testimonial: Fighting DUIs and Board Discipline

DUIs and Board Discipline

Many of our clients come to us when DUIs are threatening their professional licenses. Although these individuals come from many different boards, the consequences of these convictions can be dire for their careers. Here’s how we helped several professionals overcome their convictions and protect their licenses. 


Being a nurse can be a very stressful job. You can imagine the desire to unwind off the clock and have a few drinks. However, those nights out don’t always go well. One nursing client experienced the negative side effects of drinking and ended up with a DUI. Not only did she face threats to her professional license, but she was also looking at jail time and fines for her crime.

Knowing that more than just her career was on the line, our team worked hard to fight this offense by keeping her out of jail and reducing her board discipline to a suspension instead of revocation. 

“Miranda and her team did their best for me to get the best legal result. They helped me reduce my jail term and protect my career. Miranda and her team are great attorneys and provide constant communication throughout the process.” – RN 

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In addition to the medical field, education is a prominent industry in which professionals receive DUIs. One teaching client approached us after being alerted to an investigation of his teaching license for a past DUI. Although he never served time for his conviction, his career was still at risk. 

Our team worked hard to face the California Commission on Teaching and Credentialing and remove that DUI conviction from his record.

“Miranda is a top-tier lawyer. Extremely knowledgeable, honest, and definitely on top of it in terms of keeping her clients in the loop. She was upfront in terms of what to expect and delivered on all of her results, quicker than we both thought!” – Teacher

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Contractors, especially in the construction industry, are used to long working hours. As a result, they often look to kick back and enjoy libations with their friends. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always end well. One client was a little too relaxed before he got behind the wheel and ended up receiving a DUI. As a result, his board was considering disciplining his license. He quickly reached out to us to help fight for his license. 

“Thank you, for all the assistance and representation of my case to the courts. You saved me from a bad situation, of a bold and stupid act. I will be sure to refer people to you!” – Contractor

We faced the Contractors State License Board and helped prevent him from losing his license. 

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