Case Study: Turning a Real Estate Denial Into a Restricted License

The reputation of Real Estate brokers and agents is constantly considered regarding their professional licenses. Past criminal convictions can affect the possibility of starting or continuing your Real Estate career. We helped this client overcome his past mistakes and proceed with his dream career as a licensed Real Estate agent.

In 2014, our lead attorney Miranda McCroskey began working with a California Real Estate professional that had received a statement of issues from the Department of Real Estate (DRE). To defend the denial of his application, our professional license defense attorneys put together a packet of mitigating evidence and expunged an underlying criminal conviction on his record. We submitted this packet to the Deputy Attorney General representing the DRE. 

As a result of our work, the client was issued a restricted Real Estate license instead of a full denial. This meant that there were no restrictions on our client’s ability to buy and sell homes, but there would be limitations on his due process rights. If the client committed a crime or Real Estate violation, their license could be taken away without a hearing or warning. In this client’s case, a restricted license was perfect because he worked under a broker and would be less likely to make additional mistakes.

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In May of 2015, this same client began working with a new broker and hired Unlock Legal again to assist with the job transition. He requested we write a letter to the new broker regarding the DRE matter explaining the full situation and details of his restricted license. The letter was received well, and the client was able to easily begin his relationship with the new broker. 

On January 3, 2018, the same client hired our California license defense lawyers again to file a petition for reinstatement. This would convert his restricted license into a full unencumbered license. To do that, he was required to pay an $800 non-refundable fee to the DRE, and our team created a petition for reinstatement along with mitigating evidence to support his case. On August 18, 2018, the petition was officially filed for the removal of his licensing restrictions.

While waiting on the approval for the removal of his licensing restrictions, this client’s Real Estate license needed to be renewed. In September of 2018, he recruited our team to assist with the renewal of his license with the DRE. We helped put together all of the necessary documents along with instructions and filing fee payments for his official renewal submission in October. His license renewal was approved.

Finally, on January 30, 2019, this client received an order that lifted the restrictions on his Real Estate license. From then on, he was able to practice his profession without any hindrances. 

At Unlock Legal, we have helped dozens of Real Estate professionals obtain their licenses and protect their livelihoods. We’ve stood before licensing boards to petition for reinstatement, fight against license denial, and even manage administrative hearings when a professional’s license is under investigation. Our priority is to get you the best outcome possible and handle your case from beginning to end – no matter how long it takes.

If you fear your professional license is in jeopardy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our real estate license defense lawyers for a quick, discreet, and confidential consultation. Know that with us, you are in great hands.

Contact Unlock Legal today or give us a call at your convenience at 949-997-1474 to speak with a professional about your case and your unique needs. You’ll find we are compassionate, easy to talk to, and willing to help in any capacity we can. 

Unlock Legal provides focused representation in criminal defense and defense for California licensed professionals.

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