Case Study: Holding the Board of Registered Nursing Accountable

Obtaining a nursing license is a long, at times difficult, process. So, what happens when that process is unfairly prolonged? Sometimes an applicant can do everything right and still have their licensure process negatively impacted by circumstances outside of their control. Here is how we helped a Registered Nurse applicant get back on track.

In June 2020, a client reached out to our lead attorney, Miranda McCroskey, for assistance with her registered nurse application after the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) refused to accept her information and required her to restart the application process. The reasoning behind the BRN’s decision was as follows: 

  1. the client’s Authorization to Test became void due to a NCLEX exam scheduling error;
  2. the client was allegedly not eligible to apply as a Repeat/Reapply applicant; and
  3. the client’s BRN file had been destroyed. 

As an international graduate applicant, the client had faced many obstacles and delays in completing her original registered nurse application. As such, restarting the application process was no trivial matter. In addition, two months prior to being notified of the above, the client had been instructed to and had submitted a Repeat/Reapply application. Meaning, if the above was determined to be true, the client was previously misinformed by the BRN and had wasted valuable time submitting the wrong application. 

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On July 24, 2020 the Unlock Legal team helped unlock her nursing license by submitting a letter to the BRN demanding they allow the client to proceed as a Repeat/Reapply applicant. The request was supported by legal research demonstrating that the client was eligible to apply as a Repeat/Reapply applicant and statutory proof that the client’s file had been wrongfully destroyed.

The BRN accepted our request and the client was issued a new Authorization to Test on September 4, 2020. We wish her the best of luck on her exam! 

At Unlock Legal, we have helped hundreds of nurses obtain their licenses and protect their livelihoods. We’ve stood before licensing boards to petition for reinstatement, fight against license denial, and even manage administrative hearings when a professional’s license is under investigation. Our priority is to get you the best outcome possible and handle your case from beginning to end – no matter how long it takes.

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Unlock Legal provides focused representation in criminal defense and defense for California licensed professionals.

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