Case Study: Expunging Criminal Records for California Nurse

Many of our clients come to us at Unlock Legal because they have one pressing issue that needs to be resolved. Then they move on with their lives and their career as licensed professionals in California. But sometimes, we have clients who need our help for various reasons – all stemming from one criminal conviction in their past.

Applying for Nursing School

A young woman hired us several years ago because she wanted to go to nursing school, but the school itself was giving her problems due to a past criminal conviction. To fight this, we went back to the state board and filed a petition for expungement to withdraw the guilty plea and have the case dismissed.

However, that petition was not granted. So, we filed a motion for reconsideration with the state board and offered more mitigating evidence to the judge. The case was then granted, but it wasn’t properly represented in her Department of Justice (DOJ) report, also known as a rap sheet. Because of this error, the school was still seeing it as a black mark.

We filed a claim to report the inaccuracy to the DOJ and finally got the error on her rap sheet resolved. She was then accepted into the school and continued her education.

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Applying for a Registered Nursing License

At the completion of her education, it was time to apply for her nursing license with the Board of Registered Nursing. To avoid any potential denials, she hired us again to assist with her application. This allowed us to properly disclose her criminal conviction, for we already understood the narrative of her past situation.

If these applications are submitted incorrectly, applicants receive a formal denial called a statement of issues. Since we were concerned about a denial, we front-loaded the application with mitigation documents and letters of character reference. As a result, she officially became a licensed nurse in the state of California in.

Your past mistakes do not have to define the future of your career. Whether you’re dealing with application denial, a pending investigation, suspension, or revocation, our experienced team of professional nursing license defense lawyers can help unlock your license and livelihood.

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