Can an Expungement Help Reinstate My Revoked Real Estate License?

Real estate professionals are held to the highest of standards. If you fail to demonstrate professionalism and receive a criminal conviction, you will likely have your real estate license revoked. If you find yourself facing a revocation, the Department of Real Estate requires you to wait a period of time to rehabilitate before reapplying for your license. During this waiting time period, it’s important to clean up your criminal history and past mistakes. Here’s how you can expunge those records and petition to reinstate your revoked real estate license.

Petition for An Expungement

After you receive a criminal conviction and have your license revoked, you should file a petition with the court to have your guilty plea withdrawn and the case dismissed. This process is known as an expungement.

An expungement can take place after your formal or informal probation from the DRE has ended. This process generally happens 3-5 years after your conviction occurred. Although this sounds like a long time to wait to get your career back, you do have another option. If you’re nearing the end of your term of probation, you can file a motion for early termination and then immediately file a motion for expungement.

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Petition to Reinstate a Revoked Real Estate License

Expungements are extremely valuable when it comes time to petition to reinstate your license. When reapplying for or defending your license, you’re going to want to have any prior criminal convictions expunged in order to show rehabilitation and be granted your license. During the reinstatement consideration process, the DRE will evaluate your petition. They are going to want to see that you took the action steps to expunge your prior criminal convictions and are prepared to provide a valuable contribution to the real estate industry. 

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Work with a Professional Real Estate License Defense Lawyer

Although it is possible to file a petition for expungement on your own, hiring a professional like those at Unlock Legal to manage your petition gives you the best chance of success. Our professional real estate license defense attorneys know what to say and what not to say in your declaration and know how to properly file the petition to help you get the best outcome possible.

The Department of Real Estate requires licensees to wait at least one year before petitioning to reinstate their licenses. 

We understand how important your license is to your livelihood. For decades, we’ve helped real estate professionals like you petition the DRE and get back to serving our community. Call Unlock Legal and let us file your petition for expungement and help you unlock your life and your license. 

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